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Sorry to say it’s been a few months since I last posted information on the project.  Unfortunately they were many reasons why it’s taken me a while to update this page.  Hurricane Sandy really threw a wrench into our lives here in NY/NJ/CT.  It took a while for all of us to recover not just physically but emotionally.  In terms of response, we collected clothing and did clean up in affected areas.  Personally I helped organize a Help-Portrait Event for people affected by the storm.  With over 150 volunteers and over 250 families photographed and cared for, it was a unbelievable event.  Free family portraits, toys, food and good company all in one day.  Super grateful to have been part of it. This took weeks of planning, hence I have been off the radar.

Finally, the unthinkable occurred in early November.  My hard drive crashed!  With it all of my work from the past year, to include most of my YLP project work. Though, not the photos as I have all the photos in film, so it’s always backed up.   I like to be transparent here and say that it took a lot of time and money to get it recovered, but in the end I have all my work back and now it’s time to get up and running again.

The delay in progress means we are looking at a November date for the release of the YLP photo book and photo exhibition.  I am sorry for the delay, but it’s necessary for the integrity of the project to have more time.  I will let you know more on the date later.

In the mean time, please enjoy these behind the scenes photos and a special video I put together to summarize the trip to Puerto Rico where I photographed and interviewed 4 former Young Lords members.  It was not easy hauling around 100 lbs of camera, lighting, audio and video gear, but I learned a lot from this trip

Julio Cotto YLO, Marie Ramirez YLO, Vicente “Panama” Alba YLP and Carmen DeLeon YLP.

It was an amazing and surreal experience to hear their stories and to see how passionate they are about the struggle for liberation today.  They keep on fighting.  Special thanks to Panama for hosting me and taking the time to help organize the itinerary for the trip and for driving the many miles around the island with me.  Mil Gracias.

Here is the video:  Timelapse and video.  Enjoy.

Puerto Rico YLP Project Recap from Will Salomon Orellana on Vimeo.

Julio being interviewed in his living room

Julio y Panama

Marie being interviewed in her living room

Marie and I

Marie’s Shirt MINH

Carmen being interviewed in her living room

Carmen & I



6 thoughts on “Updates..Photo & Video

  1. lets not forget the lords who struggle while in prison….che- GI- Guerra- che revolution… just to name a few… who left thier mark in the prison system

  2. Keep up the great work! The difficult path and adventure to complete your project is all part of the experience and is an inspiration! I can’t wait to see your completed work. Hope you can bring the exhibit to Chicago.
    -G. Arroyo

  3. Although I was not a member of the YLO I knew/know many of them and worked in the same circles. I moved to PR in 1979 but my life in NYC is full of memoriesm both good and bad. I am proud to say I was one of the students that took over Hostos Community College. Unforgettable people and experiences, many of whom are now gone. Thanks for the memories. VIVA PUERTO RICO LIBRE! LIBERTAD PARA OSCAR LOPEZ RIVERA!

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